Become part of the solutuion:- Help us plant trees by having dinner with us!

2020 has been a year already marked by great tragedy, we’ve heard the stories, seen the images and many of us know someone directly effected. The community spirit of Australia has been alive and well through these challenging times and has restored my faith in the future of the environment.

Here at Ruby Lane we’ve helped donate over $2000 thus far to the Red Cross disaster relief fund. But now we start to wonder, what’s next, is this going to happen again, what about the animals, the trees etc… One thing is for sure – we’d love to be part of the solution.

What can we do?

There is an incredibly lovely and generous group of families who recently lost their homes at Surf Beach on the south coast of NSW in Batemans Bay… and what’s unique about their story is that they’ve spent the last 25 years regenerating bush land around their properties all in the name of the re-enriching the environment, which is such an amazing selfless act to which we take our hats off to.

However, as you can guess, along with losing their precious homes, all their hard work of regenerating the bush around them has been undone with the fires leaving nothing behind but charred earth.

We’ve reached out to them to lend a hand and will be helping to regenerate the land in Mid March by way of planting LOADS of oxygen providing, life giving trees…and we need your help.

We want to plant LOTS more trees, will you help us? Come to our Dinner for the Bush and proceeds will go to this great cause. We will have one event in Manly on Friday March 6th and one in Mona Vale on Friday March 13th.

How you can help?

Our speciality is food, so join us for an Australian inspired dinner where all the proceeds will go towards purchasing trees and the supplies required for planting them. To book yourself in for this awesome dinner simply purchase a ticket below.

We’ll also be heading down to lend them a hand. You too can join us in getting our hands dirty. If you’d like to learn more about coming down, please email Phil on

Australian Inspired Menu

Amuse bouche

Earth crackers and plant based dips (gf df v)


Heirloom carrots 3 ways, almond ricotta, wild fennel (gf df v)

Main (choice of)

Fermented mushroom, parsnip gnocchi, charred tomatoes (gf df v)


Pork, apple, kakadu plum, potato mille feuilles, beach mustard (gf df)


Coconut wattleseed biscuit, passionfruit curd, mango gel, mint gelly (gf df v)


So share this event with a date, or grab a bunch of friends and join us for this gluten free Australian feel good dinner.

Or if you can’t make it to the dinner but would like to donate you can buy a ticket and we’ll use it as a prize or donation to a local environmental hero.