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Our Ruby Lane Story

Here at Ruby Lane, our VISION is to make a healthy lifestyle fun, social, available and inspirational…that’s why our menu will have you struggling to choose, not because of limited healthy options, but because it’s ALL-good! The way it should be.

Our mission is to motivate the whole community to share this vision of living a healthy life full of insanely tasty (health) food with a bit of tongue in cheek.

Because life’s too short to live mediocre and sit and wonder what happened to our health when we’re too old to do anything about it. Let’s be great here and now!

We want you to learn about your food too, where it comes from, who made it, how many miles it travelled, what effects it has on you and how to get the most out of it! Because you should know and trust your food sources. How can you find out about this?

Come along to one of workshops and events where you can learn about this and many other topics like gut health, stress management yoga dinner nights, fermentation classes and refined sugar free baking classes and more. Check out our upcoming events here or on our Facebook page here.

So whether you’re in for the best breakfast in Manly with Organic coffee, a healthy lunch with Organic wine, at a function, picking up some healthy catering or at a workshop you’ll know you’re health is being looked after…

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Our Menu

We use seasonal ingredients that you recognise, whether you can pronounce it or not! Keeeen-waaah ; ) and that aren’t manufactured in a lab. Our passion is to respect the food and legendary farmers by highlighting the natural qualities of these ingredients and carefully pairing them to deliver the tastiest most nutrient dense meals possible so you can truly eat yourself HAPPY! So whether you’re in for a top brunch with organic coffee, at a function, off site catering, or at a workshop you’ll know you’re health is being looked after…


Organic Grocery and Retail

We stock our grocer with all the good stuff (literally), our shelves our only filled with sustainable produce provided by organic and local suppliers. Most of the ingredients we use on our menu are available in our grocer. We want to cover you from head to toe with everything you need to lead a healthy & happy life. That’s why we also stock recipe books, nutrition books and healthy eating guides.

Giving Back

Being lovers of real food we also get a kick out of being super sustainable and are big believers that everyone has a choice to support this way of living. SO, we’ve put solar power on the roof, a worm farm for our food scraps, we use biodegradable packaging and chemicals, have a jar deposit system for returning your kombucha and retail jars. Even our general waste goes to generating bio-energy. We especially pay careful attention to where all of our food comes from and use biodynamic and locally sourced produce at every opportunity.

We also love our local community and are involved with the Royal Far West School for disadvantaged kids and we donate to The Surfrider Foundation to help save our oceans amongst many other causes, because we get we give.

Our Story

After leading a busy life managing large venues, training for triathlons and becoming a parent of two, Manly local Phil Dawson, soon felt the world catch up with him. Whilst following the conventional ‘healthy’ diet and consuming too many hidden sugars and additives Phil was left lacking the energy required to do the things he loved, including surfing (alarm bells!)….and being a role model for his kids. Desperate to do something about it he has been on a path of discovery through nutrition and holistic health and feels the need to share this with you and the community.

Driven by the philosophy that you can create a salivating experience for any occasion without compromising on nutrition, Phil is out to inspire the community to make more informed choices. Come say hi in our café, organic grocer or at our next workshop…

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Ruby lane in Manly is just a short walk from the surf 🏄‍♂️. Now summer is in full swing start your day right with salty air, movement and nourishing breakfast for your soul and stomach at Ruby Lane. #beachvibes #breakfastatthebeach #cafevibes #healthyeating #wellnessfirst #surfsidestart
Don't let the rain get you down....Ruby lane is a cozy place to spend a rainy weekend with friends and family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. The heated undercover deck makes it warm and comfortable even when the weather is not. The indoor seating areas are spacious and the kids play area, keeps those little ones entertained. We have room for everyone. So come on down!  #rainyday #cosyweekend #venue #weekendvibes #lovedones #danceintherain #storm #breakfast #lunch #brunch #manlyobserver #manlybeach #manly365
Happy summer vibes Manly!!! 🏝☀️
See you on the weekend

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Brownies to the rescue!! 🍫🥰💪
When the going gets tough, this tough reach for the wholesome gluten free brownie  from @rubylanewholefoods . Made with organic ingredients, these babies are not only gluten free but made with with NO ADDED GUILT.

Bad day....... we've got your back!!!

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Unique gift idea for a healthy friend ? We’ve been working on our selection these past few weeks, check out some options featured x
Elevate your taco game with Ruby Lane's Finger Lime Fish Tacos! 🐟🥑 Cone Bay Barramundi, perfectly paired with Avocado Mango Salsa, Pickled Onion, Fresh Coriander and Finger Lime!

All nestled on a bed of vibrant blue corn tortillas. 🌮💙 But here's the twist – make it vegan with the luscious goodness of jackfruit! 🌱✨

Our Finger Lime Fish Tacos cater to every taste bud, exclusively at Ruby Lane! 🌊🌮 #RubyLaneEats #FishTacoHeaven #VibrantFlavors #TacoTuesday #SeasideIndulgence #Veganme #GF #wholefoods #sydneyeats #instagood #manlyobserver #manly365
Sweeten up your festive season with a whole foods cake from Ruby Lane! Planning a celebration and need a show-stopping cake to mark the occasion? Look no further – we've got your dessert dreams covered!

Our cakes are crafted with love and the finest #WHOLEFOODS ingredients. Perfect for any food intolerance, without compromising taste. 🍫🍓 Let us be a part of your festivities, making your moments extra special.

Ready to order? Simply submit a catering enquiry via our website,
and our skilled team will work their magic to create a cake that's perfect for you.

Don't hesitate to contact us directly 
📧📞 Let's make this festive season even sweeter together! 🌲💕

REMEMBER: Order in good time, the festive season is a busy one 😅

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The divine indulgence of Loco Love Chocolate, is again available at Ruby Lane! 

🌲Share the joy of a guilt-free indulgence this holiday season – Loco Love Chocolate is the ultimate whole foods gift for your loved ones! 🎄Swing by Ruby Lane and discover the magic in every bite. 


Hurry, these delectable delights are in-store now! 📍 #LocoLoveChocolate #GiftOfIndulgence #WholeFoodsChristmas #SweetJoy #RubyLaneFinds


Awards and accolades for coffee, food, and sustainability, being ocean friendly certified.