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Our Ruby Lane Story

Here at Ruby Lane, our VISION is to make a healthy lifestyle fun, social, available and inspirational…that’s why our menu will have you struggling to choose, not because of limited healthy options, but because it’s ALL-good! The way it should be.

Our mission is to motivate the whole community to share this vision of living a healthy life full of insanely tasty (health) food with a bit of tongue in cheek.

Because life’s too short to live mediocre and sit and wonder what happened to our health when we’re too old to do anything about it. Let’s be great here and now!

We want you to learn about your food too, where it comes from, who made it, how many miles it travelled, what effects it has on you and how to get the most out of it! Because you should know and trust your food sources. How can you find out about this?

Come along to one of workshops and events where you can learn about this and many other topics like gut health, stress management yoga dinner nights, fermentation classes and refined sugar free baking classes and more. Check out our upcoming events here or on our Facebook page here.

So whether you’re in for the best breakfast in Manly with Organic coffee, a healthy lunch with Organic wine, at a function, picking up some healthy catering or at a workshop you’ll know you’re health is being looked after…

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Our Menu

We use seasonal ingredients that you recognise, whether you can pronounce it or not! Keeeen-waaah ; ) and that aren’t manufactured in a lab. Our passion is to respect the food and legendary farmers by highlighting the natural qualities of these ingredients and carefully pairing them to deliver the tastiest most nutrient dense meals possible so you can truly eat yourself HAPPY! So whether you’re in for a top brunch with organic coffee, at a function, off site catering, or at a workshop you’ll know you’re health is being looked after…


Organic Grocery and Retail

We stock our grocer with all the good stuff (literally), our shelves our only filled with sustainable produce provided by organic and local suppliers. Most of the ingredients we use on our menu are available in our grocer. We want to cover you from head to toe with everything you need to lead a healthy & happy life. That’s why we also stock recipe books, nutrition books and healthy eating guides.

Giving Back

Being lovers of real food we also get a kick out of being super sustainable and are big believers that everyone has a choice to support this way of living. SO, we’ve put solar power on the roof, a worm farm for our food scraps, we use biodegradable packaging and chemicals, have a jar deposit system for returning your kombucha and retail jars. Even our general waste goes to generating bio-energy. We especially pay careful attention to where all of our food comes from and use biodynamic and locally sourced produce at every opportunity.

We also love our local community and are involved with the Royal Far West School for disadvantaged kids and we donate to The Surfrider Foundation to help save our oceans amongst many other causes, because we get we give.

Our Story

After leading a busy life managing large venues, training for triathlons and becoming a parent of two, Manly local Phil Dawson, soon felt the world catch up with him. Whilst following the conventional ‘healthy’ diet and consuming too many hidden sugars and additives Phil was left lacking the energy required to do the things he loved, including surfing (alarm bells!)….and being a role model for his kids. Desperate to do something about it he has been on a path of discovery through nutrition and holistic health and feels the need to share this with you and the community.

Driven by the philosophy that you can create a salivating experience for any occasion without compromising on nutrition, Phil is out to inspire the community to make more informed choices. Come say hi in our café, organic grocer or at our next workshop…

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☕ At Ruby Lane Wholefoods, we're as passionate about coffee as you are! ☕

Our baristas are geared up and ready to brew your perfect cup with nothing but love and care. ❤️ From bean to cup, we're committed to delivering the best coffee experience for you.

Come on over and taste the difference! Your cup of happiness awaits. 😊 #CoffeeLove #MadeWithLove #BaristaMagic ☕🌟
🌺 Bali Night Special Alert! 🌺

Quick update, lovely peeps: We're down to the wire! Only 3 tables left to book for our enchanting Bali Night Special event. 🌟 Don't miss out on this unforgettable evening of gluten-free Balinese delights, fun drinks, and romantic vibes! 💑

Hurry and secure your spot now before it's too late! Click the link in our bio to reserve your table. See you there! 🍽️🌴 #BaliNight #LastTables #BookNow 🥂
🥞 Hey Pancake Lovers! 🥞

We're at a pancake crossroads! Should we keep our beloved 2 for 1 Pancake Tuesdays alive? 😋

Here's the deal: if we don't sell 20 stacks today, the pancakes might vanish like a syrupy dream! 😱

But fear not! Our gluten-free, vegan pancakes are here to save the day! 🌱🥞 Bring your appetite and help us keep the pancake magic alive! ✨

Tag your pancake pals and let's flip this decision together! See you soon! 😉 #PancakeTuesday #SaveThePancakes #GlutenFreeVeganDelights 🥞🌟
We were blessed to celebrate my grandpa’s 100th Birthday yesterday🎉🎂

Max Marvin is the steady force that’s just always there in our family with his level head and gigantic perspective that is almost incomprehensible. He has so many stories and has lived through so many ups and downs. 
From the depression, Serving in the navy in WW2 and losing many of his mates, having a beautiful family and having his own electrician business he is a true Ozzy icon… and STILL DRIVES! 

I watch these blue zone documentaries sometimes and then remember I have our very own example right here in Collaroy who’s walking and socialising and goes to Narrabeen lake and the Dee Why RSL and there’s my amazing mother who spends a lot of time with him. 

His secret he says is eating onions 😂 and not getting too worried about things. 

Max you’re a legend and we’re lucky to have you in our life, Happy Birthday 😊

May we aspire to come close to you healthy long life 💪🏽
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The position is 1-2 days for now and if you would like more once trained that could also be arranged. 

We have regular team socials, epic staff parties with saunas and ice baths and love our customers. 

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Awards and accolades for coffee, food, and sustainability, being ocean friendly certified.